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Cell Biology, Biotechnology
Becton Dickinson
The programme covers ​​clinical immunology, flow cytometry, research on cell cycle and death, diagnosis of immunological diseases, cell cultures, …
With pioneering work in the field of flow cytometry, BD shifts the boundaries of sensitivity and specificity in the detection of cellular molecular antigens in a given sample, thus allowing a broad spectrum of information to be obtained in the shortest possible time. This facilitates a fast and high quality patient treatment.
In this context, BD offers superior flow cytometry devices (FACSAria, FACSCanto II, LSR II FACSCalibur, ...) and appropriate reagents (monoclonal antibodies) for diagnostics and research.

As part of the program, the BD Discovery Labware (FALCON) is included, offering various laboratory plastic containers for cell cultures, reagents for the growth of cell lines, ...

All the listed systems and reagents have already been introduced to the Slovenian market.